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David Oscarson Harlequin LE 8/88 – 18K Medium Nib

David Oscarson Harlequin, Limited Edition 8/88 Condition: Good, has a scratch the side of the cap (B-) Filling System: Eyedropper

HardyPenwright Model 28C Oilslick – Broad Steel Nib

HardyPenwright Model 28C Oilslick Condition: Good (B) Nib: Broad Steel Filling System: C/C (Included)   Specifications: Closed: 144 mm Open:

Leonardo Magico Millefiori – Medium Steel Nib

Leonardo Magico Millefiori Condition: Good (B) Filling System: Piston Nib: Medium Steel   Specifications Closed 145 mm Open 132 mm

3DPrintedPens 3 Pen Stand

3D Printed pen stands that hold 3 pens a piece Available in many different colors Short stands have the approximately

3DPrintedPens Single Pen Holder

3D Printed pen Stand with some weight to it that holds one pen Available in 3 different colors These have