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PLEASE NOTE: The lids on these bottles have had a high incidence of leaking, so please only order if you accept that there might be some ink loss and mess in your package. Also, because of this nature, sales will be limited to United States only

We’ve been looking to re-invent our bottles for over 2 years now & have gone through nearly 50 different designs to finalize this one. It features a unique tin box enclosure that can be reused and a jewel-like bottle that can adorn the desktops & bookshelves. To compliment our hand crafted inks the glass bottles are also handmade in collaboration with Gecko Design 🙂

Many times we’ve been asked if our high sheening RC series inks are safe to use in vintage pens & grail pens. In a quest to create a line of inks that will be completely safe to use in your oldest vintage or your most expensive grail while still exhibiting some amount of sheening and shading we created Paakezah – the complete blue, the first ink in the S Series. Paakezah is the Persian word for “Pure”.

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