NARWHAL SCHUYLKILL Porpita Navy – Special Edition

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Special edition Narwhal Schuylkill Porpita Navy featuring a unique blue and metallic red swirl design – Limited edition of only 800

From the depths of imagination surface a new breed of writing instrument tapping into the stream of consciousness with artistic beauty and elegance. Yes, the Narwhal fountain pen is a real pen! The swirling acrylic has a mystical aquatic quality. The Narwhal drinks deep of fountain pen ink with an internal piston-filling mechanism. The stainless steel fine writing nib has a consistent flow to keep up with an ocean of thoughts.

Launched at the 2020 Philly Pen Show, the Narwhal Schuylkill stands out from its predecessor, the Narwhal Original, by featuring an ink window that allows the user to monitor their ink reserve. Unlike many fountain pens with ink windows, the Schuylkill’s design allows the window to be visible even when capped. Similar to Narwhal Original, this piston-filler is crafted from custom-made resin materials and fitted with Narwhal’s in-house fine nib. Currently one color, Marlin, is available for this model, with a plan to add more soon.

This pen is named after the Schuylkill River (pronounced SKOO-kill) that runs through Philadelphia, keeping with the marine tradition of Narwhal Pens.



Something unique about us is that we make everything in house. By doing so, we take craftsmanship to a higher level at Narwhal Pens.



Taking a bold step as a new brand, we make our own nibs for our fountain pens. We focus on the quality of our nibs, and make sure they flow smoothly and perfectly.



Piston filler gives you a larger ink capacity so that your pen is ready for you whenever you need it. Therefore, despite its higher cost, piston fillers are used on all narwhal pens.



With an elegant and refreshing design, narwhal pens have caught people’s eyes as the beautiful yet substantial option as their fountain pen.


Narwhal Fountain Pen Specifications:

  • Finish: Acrylic
  • Trims and Clip: Silver
  • Nib: No. 6 stainless steel, fine point
  • Filling System: Piston mechanism (bottled ink fill only)
  • Pen Length, closed: 5.73 in. / 145.6 mm
  • Pen Length, open, cap off: 5.16 in. / 131.1 mm
  • Pen Length, open, cap posted: cap does not post
  • Pen Diameter, barrel: 0.52 in. / 13.1 mm
  • Pen Diameter, section: 0.39 in. / 9.8 mm
  • Pen Total Weight: 0.9 oz. / 25.52 g
  • Gift boxed

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Weight 16 oz



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