Pelikan 140 Green/Black striped – 14K Fine Nib


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Pelikan 140 Green and Black striped, Circa 1963 after a lot of minor changes and at the end of this particular colors life

Minor details updated include, narrow clip, different nib patterns this one has 4 lines going towards the slit but do not meet., and engraving in various places, the 140 started with no engraving at all and a couple years in around 1954 Pelikan started engraving on their 140 model.

Pen is in good condition with minor drawer wear that is to be expected for a pen of this vintage

Piston filler

Nib: 14k Fine Semi Flexible Nib



Closed 123.4 mm

Open 112.5 mm

Barrel 11.9 mm

Section 9.3 mm


Additional information

Weight 8 oz


Filling System


Nib Material


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