Platinum #3776 Century Chartres Blue with Gold Trim – 14k Ultra Extra Fine Nib


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Chartres blue with Gold Trim

14k gold Ultra extra Fine Nib

great condition

This classic pen is a perfect choice for anyone looking to experience the world of premium Japanese fountain pens. The 3776 combines the classic “cigar” fountain pen silhouette with a wide selection of exquisite 14k gold nibs and stunning body colors. The 3776 is named in honor of Japan’s revered Mount Fuji, the number referring to the mountain’s height in meters. Just as Mount Fuji is the highest peak in Japan, Platinum strives to make the 3776 the pinnacle of fountain pen development, incorporating all the characteristics of an ideal fountain pen. Since its introduction in 1978, the 3776 has been continuously improved with new features like Platinum’s unique “Slip and Seal” cap mechanism for preventing dryout. Other fountain pens can dry out in as little as 2–4 weeks without use, but Platinum’s Slip and Seal cap prevents dryout for over a year without use.


Closed 139.9 mm

Open 119.7 mm

Barrel 13 mm

Section 10.1 mm


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Weight 10 oz

Filling System


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