Platinum #3776 Century Shoji Limited Edition – 14K M nib


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Shoji Special Limited edition with silver trim – Numbered 151/3776

14k gold medium nib

The second in Platinum’s Fuji five lakes series

A story of #3776 “SHOJI”

It is said “shoji-ko (Lake-Shoji)” is the most beautiful reflected lake of Mount Fuji in the Fuji Five Lakes. We decided that the image of body should be the color of the atmosphere of the lakes when being illuminated by the morning sun. The scene with the bright, light color of blue on the edge of the transparent body, lights up the imagination with the light that is reflected upon the water landscape.

The “Slip and Seal mechanism” in the cap has become a special specification, and standard for the pens that are named after all of the Fuji Five Lakes. A sense of fun that you can visually view the specially designed mechanism that rotates like a merry-go-round each time the cap is opened or closed.

We believe the bluish transparency of the body’s clarity with no visual turbulence, will be loved and treasured forever as a pen that personif ies conservative individuality in the hand or in the pocket or purse.

The new “Slip and Seal Cap Mechanism” of the pen now allows us to enjoy the use of beautiful pigment inks. Try the mild and meaningful writing pleasure of pigment ink. We at Platinum Co., have attached the brand new appearance a pigment ink in Blue as well as the current Black color which we have been producing since 1985. A pigment ink allows pleasure of writing of course excellent light fastness , water-resistance and less bleeding to enable you to save your writings with warm feelings for many years and to pass on to your children.


Closed 139.9 mm

Open 119.7 mm

Barrel 13 mm

Section 10.1 mm


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Weight 8 oz

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