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N246 Maruman Spiral Note B5 – Grid

Spiral notebooks from Maruman are made in Japan and feature great quality paper with spiral binding. Each page is perforated

5 ml Ink Vials (10 pack)

Plastic 5 ml Ink Vials Sold in Quantities of 10 These are high quality vials which will not leak when

Cleaning Glass

For soaking nibs with or without the pen attached. Heavier glass that can hold even a brass BFD fountain pen

Pen Storage/Transport Tube

Plastic Telescoping Tube Great for transporting, storage, or shipping your pens in a secure manner. Can be purchased with or

Montblanc Sealant

This is the factory sealant used to seal the nib unit to the section on Montblanc 146, 149 and other


For attaching a sac to a sac fill pen.