Nib Services

We can professionally restore any nib to writing condition as long as the tipping has not broken off. – If you have dropped your nib, please do not try to bend it back, and certainly do not use pliers on your nib. If you want to repair a nib yourself, or you would like to become a nibmeister, please view or how to section.

Nib Tunning
Nib not writting correctly? To wet, to dry or maybe it skips? Then this service is for you.

Nib Repair
Is your nib damaged? Bent or cracked, then this is the service you need!

Nib Smoothing
Does your nib write roughly, scratchy, or not to your likeing? Then you need this service!

Size Reduction
Need to reduce your nib size? Choose this service for a reduction up to XF.

Rush Service
Need your nib grind done in a hurry? Choose this service.


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