What is Pen Realm?

Pen Realm was envisioned to bring everything related to pens together in one place as one community to give people the information they need to choose their next pen or help them with their next pen project. While we do sell and service fountain pens here, we acknowledge that there are many others in the Pen Realm that have amazing skills and items to sell. Therefore, we’d like to bring them together here. If you make, repair, sell, or blog about fountain pens, we would love to share your information and let the world know about you. We ask that if you want to be a linked vendor, that you be honest about what you make, repair or sell, and act with integrity, and kindness when dealing with potential customers. We would also like to acknowledge the veterans and industry workers that took their knowledge from the glory days of fountain pens and brought them forward and shared them with us so that we can have the history and know how today. It is an honor to carry their wisdom forward to the next generation of fountain pen user and collector.  

Kirk Speer is a husband and father of 4 children blessed to be living near the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Born and raised in rural New Mexico, he learned an appreciation of the history of the landscape, and materials that surrounded him.  Early on collecting vintage items of interest anywhere he could find them, Kirk found a focus and passion for fountain pens when he discovered and brought back to life a Parker 51 that was collecting dust in an antique shop. Spurred on by this find, he sought after more pens, some of which had bent nibs. He quickly realized that the need for nib repair and customization was rather great (despite there being a large number of excellent nibmeisters around the world), and he turned his skills in that direction. Following the advice shared by Gregory Byrne of Bromfield Pen Shop, he was able to develop the skills and reputation as a quality nib repairer and customizer. Kirk has a passion for rescuing vintage fountain pens and restoring them to their former glory, with a keen interest in making them useful again while respecting their history. You will find some collector grade pens here, but a vast majority of the pens available here will be good pens to enjoy writing or drawing with.