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Delta 150th Unity of Italy LE 147/150 White and Red – 18k Medium Nib

The Delta 150th Unity of Italy Red and White,this pen was part of a collection that was produced in 2011

Delta Amerigo Vespucci LE 257/931 Blue and Wood – 18k Medium Nib

Amerigo Vespucci who was born in 1454 in Florence, Italy. Amerigo was an Italian Explorer who was first to discover

Delta La Citta Reale LE 605/750 – 18k Medium Nib

The Delta La Citta Reale This pen stands as Deltas Monument to the Royal Palace that is still one of

Delta Virtuosa Dark Ivory – Fusion Medium Nib

The Delta Virtuosa Dark Ivory, Virtuosa meaning good and righteous, Hand turned Italian resin makes this pen both reliable and

Delta Israel 60 LE 726/948 – 18K Medium Nib

The Delta Israel 60 Limited edition was introduced to celebrate 60 years since the declaration of independence of the nation

Delta King Tut LE 38/188 – Fusion Medium Nib

The Delta King Tut, This fountain pen is a true symbol of elegance commemorating the legacy of King Tutankhamun who

Delta LE Evolution Charles Darwin – 18k Medium Nib

Deltas Commemoration to 200 years from Charles Darwin’s birth, This Limited Edition pen was limited to 809 pieces in various