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Pilot Elite Black – 14k Fine Nib

Pilot Elite Black, with Kanji engraved on the bottom of the pen Condition: Has a lot of wear throughout the

Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen

The Pilot Kakuno is the perfect fountain pen for beginners at a low cost for a Pilot experience Color Options

Pilot Plumix Fountain Pens

Pilot Plumix Fountain Pens Comes in a set of 3: One black, one Blue, and one Purple All come with

Pilot Vanishing Point Blue & Gold – Medium Steel Nib

Pilot Vanishing Point Blue & Gold Condition: Good, has some scratches on the section and plating loss on the gold

Pilot Custom Heritage 92 Smoke Demo – 14k Fine Medium Nib

Pilot Custom Heritage 92 Smoke Demo Condition: Good (B) Nib: 14k Medium Fine Filling System: Piston   Specifications Closed 136.5

Pilot Metropolitan Bronze Lizard – Medium

This pen is in good condition, some minor scratches c/c filled Nib: steel medium     Specifications Closed 138.3 mm

Pilot Vortex Orange – Medium Steel Nib

Pilot Vortex Orange Condition: Great (B+) Nib: Medium Steel Filling System: C/C (Not Included)   Specifications: Closed: 125.3 mm Open: