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Pilot Capless Decimo

Pilot Capless Decimo Beautifully designed Fountain Pen with brilliant features to make this pen a modern day fountain pen, with

Pilot Custom 74 – PRE-ORDER

The Custom 74 is designed to delight the fountain pen collector with its translucent ‘demonstrator-style’ barrel and archetypal embellishments. A

Pilot Custom 743 – Black

Pilot is excited to finally announce that we are adding the coveted Custom 743 to the US market.  The 743 has the same

Pilot Custom 743 – Black PRE-ORDER

Please Note These are new Nib options for the Black 743 and wont be available until Mid November but are Available to Pre-Order
  • Soft Fine (SF): This nib boasts a soft touch, making it perfect for fine lettering with a subtle flexibility.
  • Fine Medium (FM): Striking a balance between Fine and Medium, this hard nib suits those seeking a versatile in-between option.
  • Soft Fine Medium (SFM): A soft nib that bridges Fine and Medium, offering a delicate touch combined with versatility.
  • Soft Medium (SM): Featuring a soft nib, this choice is great for producing medium-width lettering with added flexibility.
  • Waverly (WA): Engineered with a slightly upturned tip, this nib delivers a uniquely flexible and customized writing experience, offering exceptional smoothness from any angle.
  • Stub (SU): Highlighting a squared-off tip, this traditional italic nib creates broad vertical strokes and thin horizontal lines, making it ideal for calligraphy.
  • Coarse (C): With an extra broad nib, this option produces extremely bold lines for a commanding presence.
  • Posting (PO): Sporting a hard nib with a downturned tip shape, this choice creates fine, crisp lines with minimal pressure, preferred for writing on paper prone to feathering

Pilot Custom 743 US Exclusive Verdigris Green

Pilot’s launch of Their FIRST US Exclusive! We have been working on this for a while now and its finally

Pilot Custom 743 US Exclusive Verdigris Green – PRE-ORDER

Pilots launch of Their FIRST US Exclusive! We have been working on this for a while now and its finally

Pilot Custom 823

Please Note: Back Orders May take up to 60 Days to ship

Pilot Custom Heritage 912

Pilot Custom 912 fountain pen collection has an elegant classic styling and superior customized writing experience This Black Pilot fountain

Pilot Custom Heritage 912 – PRE-ORDER

The Custom 912 offers elegant classic styling and a superior, customized writing experience, with a unique array of 14-karat gold

Pilot Explorer Fountain Pen

Explorer Fountain Pen Venture beyond the everyday with Pilot’s new Explorer fountain pen. Explorer’s lightweight and specially-balanced resin barrel is

Pilot Falcon

The Pilot Falcon is the renamed Namiki Falcon. Is one of the most iconic fountain pens worldwide, famous for its rhodium plated 14k gold soft nib.

Pilot Iro-Utsushi Dip Pen

LAUNCH DATE: 5/31/2023 Pilot is pleased to announce the latest edition to our fountain pen collections: Iro-Utsushi. These dip pens