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Iwako Puzzle Erasers

Iwako Puzzle Erasers Iwako has been making erasers in Japan for 40 years, each design’s mold is hand made by

Midori – Mini Cleaner II

Midori Mini Cleaner 2 Cleans as you pass over crumbs on your desk Color: Blue Clear Pink  

Midori – Mini Desk Cleaner Truck

Midori Mini Desk Cleaner Truck Cleans as you pass over the crumbs on your desk. Colors: Clear Blue

Midori Clip Bookmarker

Midori Clip Bookmarker, Can be used as a bookmarker and an outline to color in Set of 4 Design: Cat

Midori D-Clips – 12pcs.

Midori D-Clips 12 pieces Design: Dog-Dachshund Cat-Sitting Cat-Stretching Bird

Midori D-Clips Nano

Midori D-Clips Nano 16 Pieces Design: Fish Airplane Cat Penguin

Midori Etching Clips

Midori Etching Clips Great for holding/marking pages in your book or notebook Capable of holding up to 10 sheets of

Midori Sticker Marche

Midori Sticker Marche Design: Cactus Dried Flower Stationery