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A.G. Russell A318 Slip Joint Black Pearl Scales


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Akkerman Inks

60mL capacity The faceted ink bottle is characterized by the long-neck, in which there is a glass marble. By tilting

Akkerman Limited Edition Inks

The original shape of the bottle, which is typified by the long neck with marble, derives from the thirties. In

Anderillium Inks Avian Series

Anderillium Inks Avian Series From the depths of the ocean, we now turn our eyes to the skies for the

Anderillium Inks Cephalopods Series

Anderillium Inks Cephalopods Series Cephalopods (squids and octopuses) have been making ink for millions of years. A squirt of ink

AP Limited Brown Ishiji – 18k Medium Imperial Nib

AP Limited Brown Ishiji Condition: Great (B+) Nib: 18k Medium Imperial Filling System: C/C   Specifications: Closed: 143.3 mm Open:

Aurora 88 Modern Black – 14k OM Nib

Aurora 88 Modern Black Condition: Good (B) Nib: 14k OM Filling System: Piston   Specifications: Closed: 136 mm Open: 129.6

Aurora 88 Modern Black & Gold – 14k Medium Longtine Nib

Aurora 88 Modern Black & Gold Condition: 3. Very Good Nib: 14k Medium Longtine Filling System: Piston

Aurora Bicentennial Italian Flag Red LE #1049 – 18K Fine Nib

Aurora Bicentennial Italian Flag Red, Limited Edition #1049 Condition: Good, has some stains on the cap band (C+) Nib: 18k

Aurora Optima Primavera Green Set – 18k Fine Nib & Ballpoint

Aurora Optima Primavera Green Fountain Pen & Ballpoint Set Condition: Good (B) Nib: 18k Fine & Ballpoint Filling System: Piston