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Scribo La Dotta – Ai Giardini 14k EEF

Ai Giardini 14k EEF Nib A mosaic of shades between green and white, recalls the Giardini Margherita, a typical destination

Scribo La Dotta Al Zigant

The Neptune Fountain is one of the most famous monuments in Bologna and it was built in the 16th century to celebrate the power of the city. The famous fountain has been given an affectionate and ironic nickname in the dialect of Bologna by the Bolognese people, "Al Zigant" (the Giant), and it is meant to emphasize its size and impact on the city. This nickname is due to the large size of the statue, which is 3.2 meters tall and weighs 28 tons. LA DOTTA Al Zigant – blue/orange diamond cast resin with ruthenium trim, handmade in 219 pieces

Scribo La Dotta Studiorum

When interviewed about his bond with the University of Bologna, Umberto Eco used the following words: “In my students’ dissertations,

Scribo Piuma

Scribo Piuma Levante and Impressione Rapid brush strokes capturing the instant in which the warm sunlight reflects on the water;

Scribo Piuma – Agata, Corniola and Ametista

Agata, Corniola and Ametista Three stones in strong, vivid tones adorn the new models in the PIUMA collection. Handmade by

Scribo Piuma – Art


Pop Art is an artistic movement born in the UK in the second half of the 1950s; it then spread successfully in the US in the 1960s. The artists have imagined a colorful world in fluorescent hues, with shades full of color and without too many nuances, with polka dots, stripes, with abstract lines.

A real explosion of colors!

And this is exactly how they imagined the new PIUMA Pop Art, shocking, bright, and intense colors, unusual color ranges in the panorama of writing instruments.

PIUMA Art a bright and energetic fluorescent yellow

Scribo Piuma – Pop Blue

Pop Art is an artistic movement born in the UK in the second half of the 1950s; it then spread