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Scribo La Dotta – Ai Giardini 14k EEF

Ai GIARDINI, 14k EEF Nib a mosaic of shades between green and white, recalls the Giardini Margherita, a typical destination

Scribo La Dotta Studiorum

When interviewed about his bond with the University of Bologna, Umberto Eco used the following words: “In my students’ dissertations,

Scribo Piuma

Scribo Piuma Levante and Impressione Rapid brush strokes capturing the instant in which the warm sunlight reflects on the water;

Scribo Piuma – Agata, Corniola and Ametista

Agata, Corniola and Ametista Three stones in strong, vivid tones adorn the new models in the PIUMA collection. Handmade by