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Sheaffer Flat Top – Pearl and Black

Made approximately 1926. With accommodation clip, however, missing the lady’s ring top. Browning of the celluloid has occurred, otherwise good

Sheaffer Imperial Rollerball Black & Gold

Sheaffer Imperial Rollerball Condition: Good (B) Filling System: Cartridge (Not Included)   Specifications: Closed 130.1 mm Open 114.3 mm Barrel

Sheaffer Prelude Gold and Black – Medium Steel Nib

This pen is in great condition with no defects Nib: Medium Steel C/C Specifications Closed 132.9 mm Open 121.8 mm

Sheaffer School Fountain pen

Plastic fountains pens Red, Green, or Yellow A variation of the Sheaffer school pen. Likely from 1980’s or 1990’s Nib:

Sheaffer School Pen Blue – Medium Steel Nib

Sheaffer School Pen Blue Condition: Good (B) Nib: Steel Medium Filling System: C/C   Specifications: Closed 133.8 mm Open 120.1

Sheaffer Snorkel Burgundy – Medium Steel Nib

Sheaffer Snorkel Burgundy Condition: Small damage to the cap and small scratches throughout (B-) Filling system: Snorkel Nib: Medium Steel

Sheaffer Targa 1000 Ballpoint & Pencil Set Silver

Sheaffer Targa 1000 Ballpoint & Pencil Set Condition: Good (B) Ballpoint & Pencil  

Vintage Sheaffer Reminder Silver Ballpoint Pen

Vintage Sheaffer Ballpoint pen with a unique clip clicker to release the point. The ballpoint retract when clipped to your