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Sailor Pro Gear II Black and Rhodium – 21k H-B Nib

The Sailor Pro-Gear II is a redesign of the popular Sailor Pro-Gear, while many features remain the same such as

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Transparent Pink – 14k Medium Nib

The Sailor Pro-Gear Slim is a smaller member of the Pro Gear family but just as exciting and charismatic is

Sailor 1911 Realo Black & Silver – 21k Medium Nib

Sailor 1911 Realo Black & Silver Condition: Great (B+) Nib: 21k Medium Filling System: Piston   Specifications Closed 140.8 mm

Sailor Pro Gear – Classic Millecolore Blue 21k MF Nib

This pen set is in very good condition. Includes the box and comes with c/c. Nib: 21k MF    

Sailor 1911 Profit Pro-Color LE Ruby Pink – Fine Steel Nib

Sailor 1911 Profit Pro-Color Limited Edition Ruby Pink Condition: Excellent (B) Nib: Fine Steel Filling System: C/C (Not Included)  

Sailor 1911L Aqua Green – 21k Extra Fine Nib

Sailor 1911L Aqua Green Condition: Excellent (B) Nib: 21k Extra Fine Filling System: C/C (Not Included) Sailor Converter Specifications Closed

Sailor 1911L Demonstrator Clear – 21k Medium Fine Nib

Sailor 1911L Demonstrator Clear with Gold Trim Condition: Excellent (B) Nib: 21k Medium Fine Filling System: C/C (Not Included)  

Sailor 1911L Demonstrator LE Teal Green – 21k Extra Fine Nib

Japan Limited edition Pro Color Teal Green Profit 1911L Full Sized Condition: Excellent (B) Box included Nib: 21k Extra Fine

Sailor 1911S FPH Exclusive Blue Moon – 14k Extra Fine Nib

Sailor 1911s LE Blue Moon Fountain Pen Hospital Exclusive 2019 Limited Edition 80 Pieces total Condition: Excellent (B) Nib: 14k

Sailor Pro Gear LE Old Fashioned Cocktail – 21k Extra Fine

Sailor Pro Gear 10th Anniversary 2015 Old Fashioned Part of the cocktail Limited Edition Series that has been released every

Sailor Pro Gear LE Teal Green – 21k Fine Nib

Sailor Pro Gear Limited Edition Teal Green Condition: Excellent (B) Box Included Nib: 21k Fine Filling System: C/C (Not Included)

Sailor Pro Gear Millecolore Blue – 21k H-MF Nib

Sailor Pro Gear Full Size Condition: Excellent (B) Finish: Millecolore Blue Nib: 21k H-MF Filling System: C/C (Included)   Specifications