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Aurora 88 Modern Black – 14k OM Nib

Aurora 88 Modern Black Condition: Good (B) Nib: 14k OM Filling System: Piston   Specifications: Closed: 136 mm Open: 129.6

Aurora 88 Modern Black & Gold – 14k Medium Longtine Nib

Aurora 88 Modern Black & Gold Condition: 3. Very Good Nib: 14k Medium Longtine Filling System: Piston

Aurora Bicentennial Italian Flag Red LE #1049 – 18K Fine Nib

Aurora Bicentennial Italian Flag Red, Limited Edition #1049 Condition: Good, has some stains on the cap band (C+) Nib: 18k

Aurora Optima Primavera Green Set – 18k Fine Nib & Ballpoint

Aurora Optima Primavera Green Fountain Pen & Ballpoint Set Condition: Good (B) Nib: 18k Fine & Ballpoint Filling System: Piston

Aurora Gold Plated Ballpoint

Aurora Gold Plated Condition: Great (B) Nib: Ballpoint Filling system: Cartridge Only

Aurora Optima Auroloide 996 Marble Blue – 14k Extra Fine Nib

Aurora Optima Auroloide Marble Blue Condition: 2. Excellent Nib: 14k Extra Fine Filling System: Piston

Aurora Talentum Black – 14k Medium Nib

Aurora Talentum Black Condition: 4. Good, has noticeable scratches on the body & cap Nib: 14k Medium Filling System: C/C (Included)

Aurora Ipsilon De Luxe Blue Resin B14B – Rollerball & Fountain Pen

An innovative line with a strong attitude. The Aurora Ipsilon, with its unmistakably shaped clip, is a loyal everyday companion

Aurora Jubilaeum Limited Edition – 18k Medium Nib

Rare limited edition Aurora JUBILAEVM, Numbered #522/2000 The pen is in excellent condition, and comes with a beautiful wood box