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Simplo and Rouge Et Noir

Montblanc first produced safety and eyedropper fountain pens in 1909. At that time they had three different types of pens, a round capped safety pen, a flat top safety pen and a round capped eye dropper pen. They also came in short and long variants.

Tony Fischier at has a wonderful section on the history of Montblanc pens, especially the earlier years. Instead of rewriting this information, we proudly link to his site here:

Parker Pen Collector – Montblanc

Fig.1 Rouge Et Noir No. 7 Safety Pen nibs, from a short and long models.

Fig.2 Rouge Et Noir Safety Pens, long and short models. 

Another great resource is a German website It has a lot of information on Montblanc pens, including the vintage ones. It also has information on the Astoria Pens that Montblanc bought out in the 1932.

Fig. 3 Montblanc Simplo Safety Pen. This pen is why the name Montblanc was chosen. The black ebonite and the white star cap represents the tallest peak in the Alps, Mont Blanc. 

Previous Montblanc Pen Models
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