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Conway Stewart Wordsworth Red Ebonite Swirl – 18C Medium Nib

Conway Stewart Wordsworth Red Ebonite Swirl Condition: Good (B) Nib: 18C Medium Filling System: C/C (Included)   Specifications: Closed: 129.7

Cross Fountain Pen Green & Black – Medium Steel Nib

Cross Fountain Pen Green & Black Condition: Good (B) Nib: Medium Steel Filling System: C/C (Not Included)   Specifications: Closed:

David Oscarson Harlequin LE 8/88 – 18K Medium Nib

David Oscarson Harlequin, Limited Edition 8/88 Condition: Good, has a scratch the side of the cap (B-) Filling System: Eyedropper

Dunhill AD2000 Black Sparkle – 18k Medium Nib

Dunhill AD2000 Black Sparkle Condition: Great (B+) Filling System: C/C (Included) Nib: 18K Medium   Specification: Closed: 151 mm Open:

Dunhill Sidecar Silver – 18K Broad Nib

Dunhill Sidecar Silver Condition: Great (B+) Filling System: C/C (Included) Nib: 18K Broad   Specification: Closed: 138.9 mm Open: 133.6

Endless Storyboard Edition 02: The Farm – Pocket Notebooks

What’s special about these pocket notebooks: – 64 pages of our own new Endless Ink-Loving Paper (80gsm) – Check out

Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen Honeycomb

As the waning days of summer give way to the changing season, we present our newest Estie, a tribute to

Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen Sea Glass

“The sea once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”  -Jacques Cousteau    Timeless takes

Gioia Alleria Fountain Pen

GIOIA Writing Emotion – was created in 2014 to start designing Italian crafted fountain pens and started production in 2020

Grayson Tighe LE Steel Crystal Fountain Pen – 18k Stub Nib

Grayson Tighe Steel Crystal Fountain Pen, Limited Edition Condition: Great (B+) Nib: 18k Stub Filling System: C/C (Not Included)  

Kilk Exclusive Writing Instruments – Celestial Fountain Pen

As Kilk, we are always enthusiastic about offering our designs in sought for interpreting traditions of our region and culture.

Kilk Exclusive Writing Instruments – Epigram Fountain Pen

  “Every pen is a poet in its own realm” Since the very first inked pen, one of the ultimate