Fountain Pens that are totally new, sealed in box.

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Benu Euphoria

Benu Euphoria These absolutely stunning pens come in a stainless steel #6 size nib. Adorned with a clip on a

BENU Euphoria Bloody Mary

Benu Euphoria Bloody Mary The Bloody Mary pen is rendered in a vibrant tomato-red hue, enhanced with subtle green sparkles to mirror the traditional celery stick often garnished with the drink.

BENU Euphoria Limited Edition Bear-y Merry Christmas

Benu Limited Edition Bear-y Merry Christmas, Limited to 100 Pens World Wide The Bear-y Merry Christmas features key colors of Christmas and hand painted artwork on the barrel.

BENU Euphoria Limited Edition Christmas Twinkle

Benu Limited Edition Christmas Twinkle, Limited To 500 Pieces  The Christmas Twinkle features the colors of Christmas and a captivating glow in the dark effect glowing blue.

BENU Euphoria Limited Edition Hallowed Harvest

Benu Euphoria Limited Edition Hallowed Harvest, Limited to only 500 Pieces   Official Release: October 20th, 2023 

BENU Euphoria Limited Edition Tropical Blush

Benu Limited Edition Tropical Blush, Limited To 100 Pieces The Benu Euphoria Tropical Blush is another installment of BENU's hand painted pens, with Flamingos hand painted on the barrel

BENU Euphoria Pina Colada

Benu Euphoria Pina Colada The Blue Hawaiian pen captures the tropical spirit of its ingredients with a color palette that mirrors the blue of Curacao liqueur mixed with the creamy white of coconut cream and the sunny yellow of pineapple juice.

BENU Limited Edition Talisman Frankincense

BENU Introduces New Talisman Pen: Frankincense One of the oldest documented magical resins, Frankincense has been used in the Middle East and Asia from the Biblical times for religious, spiritual, and magical purposes. Orders will ship April 26th

Benu Talisman

Benu Talisman These absolutely stunning pens come in a stainless steel #6 size nib. Adorned with a clip on a

Benu Talisman Hanukkah Oil Special Edition

Hanukkah Oil Talisman Special Edition Limited to only 300 Pens The Benu Talisman Fountain pens are infused with the highlighted substance into the pen's material. The Hanukkah Oil is infused with Pure-Beaten Olive Oil to further connect to the meaning and beauty of Hanukkah. Design is a collobration between BENU & Evan from Penquisition