Classic Pens CP5 Vintage #145 – 18k Fine

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CP5 Modern – Parker Duofold Centennial with 18k Fine Nib – Numbered 145 of 1888

The fifth limited edition in the Classic Pens CP series is the CP5 Celebration Pens Vintage and Modern. It was the fruit of the cooperation between Classic Pens, Parker and Murelli. The series was launched in 1999.

The CP5 series pays homage to the original Duofold of the 1920s, as well as to its modern expression. Therefore, the edition is offered in two distinct but complimentary forms of the Duofold Centennial, the CP5 Vintage and the CP5 Modern.

“The Parker Duofold series from the 1920s to the present is, in my opinion, the most important celebrated tradition in the history of the fountain pen and its industry.”

The Parker Pen Company, is today an international dynamo producing and marketing a range of quality writing instruments. The continuing success of this prestigious pen manufacturer reflects the philosophy of its founder George S. Parker: “Make something better and people will buy it”.

Since its formation in 1880, Parker has produced a wide range of writing instruments many of which have become classics, they are enjoyed and collected by pen lovers around the world. The early pens like the Forget-me-not and the Snake (c.1900), the Swastika as Indian good luck symbol and the Aztec (c.1910), are just a few examples.

During the period 1900 to 1920 most of the fountain pens were produced in black hard rubber. In 1921 Parker announced the Duofold in a vivid red-orange hard rubber, with a large ink capacity and the big gold nib. It was called the Lucky Curve Senior Duofold with a price of $7.00, this being about being twice the cost of other black hard rubber pens. Despite its relatively high price, the Duofold became one of the most successful models ever produced by any manufacturer.

Mandarin yellow Duofold LE, 1995
To mark the companies 100th anniversary in 1988, the Duofold Centennial was introduced. The pen was fashioned in the 1920s style with a straight form. Two years later the trim was improved and the orange Duofold was announced, celebrating the Big Red Duofold of the 1920s. In 1995, a streamlined Duofold pen in mandarin yellow was launched as a limited edition. It evokes memories of the sought after yellow color of vintage Duofolds. It also heralded the streamlined shape of the Duofold launched a year later in several finishes.

The caps and barrels of the CP5 Duofold pens are completely covered in sterling silver and are adorned with a gold plated trim. The cap tassie, cap band and barrel button are crafted out of solid sterling silver – a first for the Centennial model.

The CP5 Vintage with its straight form, celebrates the famous Lucky Curve Duofold pens from the 1920s. A distinctive circular engraving machine, dating form 1928, was re-activated form the museum of the distinguished Murelli R.S.A.R.L. company in France, exclusively for the guilloche engraving of the CP5 Vintage.

Circular guilloche patterns are formed with the lines of engraving running horizontally around the pen body. They are very distinctive, substantial and of exquisite beauty, but, alas, are virtually unobtainable today. It is such a circular engraving, however, which imparts the strength and complexity of the Moire pattern to the CP5 Vintage.

The CP5 Modern, with its tapered ends, symbolizes the rebirth of this famous name in the current Parker range. Using moden computer technology for linear engraving, as well as Murelli’s craftsmanship, the exquisite Fishnet engraved composition has been developed which reflects the most advanced state-of-the-art concepts in contemporary design.

The circular guilloche engraving of the CP5 Moire pattern is evocative of the Golden Age of machine engraving.

The Fishnet pattern of the CP5 Modern reflects the most advanced state-of-the-art concepts in contemporary design.

These exclusive patterns were created through the fruitful cooperation between Murelli and Classic Pens.

The CP5 Duofold series bears witness to the imaginative originality of Classic Pens, the fastidious craftsmanship of Murelli and the technical precision and expertise of Parker.

The CP5 Celebration pens Vintage and Modern were planned as a limited edition of 1888 sets, the year Parker was formed. In view of Gilette selling its writing division, including Parker, to Newell Rubbermaid Inc. in 2000 just after the launch of the CP5 series, an agreement was reached by Classic Pens and Parker to produce just 500 sets worldwide. The CP5 pens are therefore more exclusive.

The CP5 series is official and carries the Parker Warranty for the Duofold and excellent after sales service. A certificate of authenticity by Classic Pens, giving the individual Limited Edition number accompanies each pen. (

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