Classic Pens CP7 Atlantic 21k Zoom #129 of 250


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Excellent condition – Includes Box and Brochure

CP7 Atlantic – Sailor 8o size – 21k Zoom Nib #129 of 250

These pens show some patina on the Sterling Silver bodies. This is easily cleaned off and does not affect function or condition of these pens.

The seventh limited edition in the Classic Pens CP series, is the CP7 Ocean Pens Pacific & Atlantic. It was the fruit of the cooperation between Classic Pens, Sailor and Murelli. The series was launched in 2003.

In 1911 Kyugoro Sakata founded the Sakata Seisakusyo company in Kure, Hiroshima perfecture. Two years earlier, his elder brother, Saijiro, won a prize for his gold nibs at the National Industrial Exhibition. Sailor has faithfully continued this tradition of excellence and has raised the standard to new high levels with the recent nib designs by Mr. Nobuyoshi Nagahara.

With a strong Naval base at Kure, early advertisements with the comic character Popeye and a young girl dressed in a sailor’s uniform enhanced marketing and sales. The Sailor profit model was launched in 1983. It has a streamline shape and over the years has enjoyed immense popularity.

In 1991 Sailor commemorated its 80th Anniversary with an exciting edition in wood. The Sailor 80 is based on the successful Profit streamlined form. It was produced from selected Briar wood and was offered in light and dark finishes.

While the form of the Sailor 80 is based on the Profit model, it is in fact a larger and more substantial fountain pen and the flagship in the Sailor range of full size pens.

The theme chosen for the CP7 series pays homage to the great oceans and continues the tradition of the Sailor pen company.

The CP7 Ocean Pens Pacific & Atlantic are based on the Sailor 80. They are fully covered in sterling silver, a first for this pen model.

The traditional art of guilloche engraving has adorned fountain pens for many years, and has been passed down through the generations.

Master craftsmen today harmonize their skills with the most advanced state-of-the-art technology to create exquisite compositions in contemporary design.

The sinuous fluid grace of the Pacific Moire Vague pattern evokes the soft waves of the majestic and sun blessed Pacific Ocean


The density and complexity of the Atlantic Flamme Vague design reflects the somewhat turbulent nature of the Atlantic Ocean.

These exquisite patterns were created through the fruitful cooperation between Murelli and Classic Pens exclusively for the CP7 series.

The CP7 series is very exclusive. It is offered in a single world-wide edition of 250 CP7 Pacific and CP7 Atlantic fountain pens.

Sailor produces more than just quality fountain pens. Its writing points are amongst the most efficient available today world-wide. The CP7 pens are available with the precious 21K solid gold nibs in seven standard grades: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium-Fine, Medium, Broad, Zoom and Music.

The Music nib, along with a wide feed channel, is designed to give a smooth broad line so popular today, especially in North America. It is also ideal for Music writing.

The Zoom nib, a Sailor exclusive is ground in a way that the line width varies according to the angle the pen is held. And the nib can be used upside down to give a thin line. The Zoom nib offers a smooth line, the width of which can vary according to the writer’s choice.

The CP7 Ocean Pens Pacific & Atlantic are official and carry the Sailor Lifetime Warranty and excellent after sales service. They are further authenticated by a certificate from Classic Pens specifying the edition and individual Limited Edition number for each pen. (

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