Parker Duofold Centennial – Black GT – Medium Cursive Italic


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Excellent condition – Includes box and converter

Black GT Duofold Centennial Mark II – 18k Medium Cursive Italic by Richard Binder – 2 Tone Ace Nib

A symbol of excellence since 1921, Duofold remains the most distinguished pen in Parker’s discerning lineage. Driven by a commitment to superior craftsmanship, every detail of the Parker Duofold Classic Centennial Fountain Pen is carefully thought out and executed, from the vintage Ace emblazoned on the 18K gold nib to the precious metal finishes, and meticulously brought together by hand to ensure the finest writing experience.



Closed 137.0 mm

Open 128.2 mm

Barrel 13.0 mm

Section 10.0 mm

Weight 28 g


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Weight 16 oz



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