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The Preppy is an excellent affordable fountain pen for beginners or experts, easy to use and afford while offering a quality writing experience. the Preppy can also be converted to an eyedropper utilizing the entire barrel for ink all you need is to add an o-ring and some silicon grease to the threads (O-Ring sold separately)

Nib Size: Fine


Limited Edition Platinum Preppy Wa Collection has 6 different designs inspired by traditional Japanese patterns

Asa-no-ha (hemp leaf) – Red barrel with a hexagon pattern made of triangles, a triangle has been regarded to have denote protection against evil spirits, the pattern of triangles forming a hexagon is believed to have a stronger power against evil spirits. The Hemp leaf grows strong and fast symbolizes the hope for children to grow healthy and strong.

Karakusa (ivy) – This pen has a light green barrel with a pattern of ivy vines growing on it. The ivy symbolizes vitality, longevity, and prosperity.

Ogi Chirashi (scattered folding fans) – Black barrel with gold folding fans scattered around it. The folding fans have been known as an auspicious pattern with its shape widening at the base of the fan represents growth and prosperity, the folding fan has also traditionally been used to ward off evil and bad fortune as it was believed the god dwelled in fans.

Reishigumo (Reishi Clouds) – Blue Barrel with the cloud pattern that was inspired by the Reishi Mushrooms a type of bracket fungus that have been used for hundreds of years for medicinal use, the fungus is widely known as a symbol of immortality. Reishigumi believed to be the cloud that appears as a good omen and is widely used in Japan as an auspicious pattern since ancient times

Sakura Chirashi (scattered cherry blossoms) – Pink Barrel with Cherry Blossoms. Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossoms, the word is made up of 2 differnt words “sa” refereeing to the god of rice fields and “kura” meaning a seat for the god. Cherry Blossoms were treated as a signal of a year of good harvest.

Sayagata – Purple barrel with a pattern of interlocking manji characters symbolizing unbroken continuity and the hope for prosperity and longevity of a family. the manji is a Chinese character known to represent the universe in harmony and infinity in Buddhism

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