Secretary of De Flex Nib Unit

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This is Pen Realms very own custom flex nib offering.

This is a complete nib unit to fit in your Jowo or Bock #6 pen

Each nib is custom made, please allow up to 4 weeks for shipment

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Weight 2 oz

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Piston/Eyedropper, Cartridge/Converter


Bock, Jowo

1 review for Secretary of De Flex Nib Unit

  1. Evan (verified owner)

    This is a review of the nib itself, rather than the unit. I ended up switching the feed out for one that worked better in my extremely specific circumstances, but I don’t suspect this to be a common requirement for most people.

    The nib flexes well and snaps back quickly. The upper bounds of how wide you should flex the tines feel very intuitive, so it’s not likely that you will exceed that width unless you’re really gunning for some fat flex lines beyond reason.

    The tines flex very easily, so even though with zero force you can still write with it as an Extra Fine nib, it’s more likely that with the tiny amount of force exerted by normal handwriting, that you’ll probably be closer to writing as a Fine nib, or at the very least seeing some parts with Fine line variation.

    I do think the cross-cut flex style of nib does require even more proper technique than a standard flex nib, because if your angle is off by very much, there’s a chance for the tips of the tines to overlap slightly. This is more of a user-error issue though, and not a reflection on the quality of the nib itself. I’ve only had it happen to me while writing quickly with lots of line variation. You should be more impressed by the fact that this nib lets you write quickly with lots of line variation than off-put by the fact that if you mess up while doing that, the tines can overlap.

    This is definitely pricier than most other modern steel flex nibs, but there are also less issues. Five stars.

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