Coudn’t be happier!

I saw Kirk posting on /r/pen_swap offering his nib grinding services and in one of the comments, a previous customer of his posted a picture of the type of work he had done on her Vanishing Point and I asked him if he could do something similar for my own pen. Throughout all of the messages, Kirk not only responded promptly but made sure I was understanding many of the features I was asking for and he double-checked every step of the way with me to make sure I would be happy. The end result was pure magic. I couldn’t believe how he transformed my pen (which I already loved and used every other day) to an I-wont-use-anything-else type of pen. The Cursive Italic he worked on my Vanishing Point is spectacularly smooth, without hard starting or skipping, and no annoying sweet spots. I am entirely satisfied with his work and I 100% will be sending him more of my pens and recommending to every pen lover I know.

Thanks Kirk!