Graf Von Faber Castell Classic

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Feeling and intellect

The feeling conveyed by a noble fountain pen with a gold nib remains incomparable. The slender shape and  good balance of the Classic propelling pencil and ball pen mean that they sit comfortably in the hand. Well engineered mechanisms and robust details, such as the spring-loaded clip made of solid metal, ensure that the joy of using them is as timeless as the design.

The Classic writing implements come in platinum-plated versions, in ebony, in pernambuco or in grenadilla wood, each combined with platinized fittings and a finely ribbed barrel. The natural differences in grain and colour mean that every writing instrument made from them is unique.

Shown below – Ebony Fluted and Platinum Plated Fluted



Weight 42 grams

Length Closed 137.9 mm

Length Uncapped 131.1 mm

Barrel Width 10.9 mm

Section Width 8.7 mm

Nib – 18k Gold

at section 5.4 mm

shoulders 7.2 mm

section to tip 18.6 mm

Sources Graf Von Faber Castell, Penrealm