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Parker 51

The Parker 51 made its debut in 1941. The pen featured a hooded, tubular nib and used a multi-finned collector that was designed to work with the “Superchrome” fast drying ink to give the user a consistent wet line that dried very fast. The pen originally came with a Vaccumatic filling system and in 1948, was upgraded, which is debatable, to a Aerometric filling system.


Fig.1 Parker 51 Vaccumatic, disassembled.


Fig. 2 Parker 51 with Aerometric filling system.


The “Superchrome” ink that was introduced with the pen was highly alkaline and was to only be used with the Parker 51 and its smaller variant, the Parker 21.


Fig. 3 Parker Superchrome ink in blue black.


Production of the Parker 51 stopped in 1971. However, it was reintroduced in 2002 in a lookalike model called the Parker 51 Special Edition. Also, in 2004 a larger lookalike, the Parker 100 was released.


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