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Parker Vacumatic

Launched in 1933, the Parker Vacumatic featured a vacuum filler and beautiful alternating laminated pearlescent and clear celluloid. This allowed you to see the ink level in the pen. The models produced in the 30’s were the highlight of the Vacumatic series, they featured all metal filling units, 2 tone nibs and double jewels (one at the top of the clip and one at the bottom of the barrel).


Fig1. 1938 Emerald Double Jewel Parker Vacumatic with Lockdown Filler.


Fig. 2 1937 Double Jewel Maxima Vacumatic.


Fig. 3 1940 Vacumatic Imperial. These are rare as only a few were produced. 


Parker also offered a junior line of these pens that were simpler and smaller. They did not feature two tone nibs and the jewels were black. However, the juniors were available in more pattern and color options. Near the end of the 30’s, the line was simplified and there were four configurations available:

  • Debutante – this was the smallest configuration.
  • Standard – this was the midsize configuration.
  • Maxima (1937 to the end of production) – this was the largest configuration.
  • Maxima Slender – this had the thickness of the standard configuration and had the length of the Maxima.



Fig. 4 Left: Lockdown Filler. Right: Speedline Filler. Source

The Speedline filler was introduced in 1933 and the Lockdown filler was introduced in 1937. In 1939, metal parts we replaced with plastic. The Vacumatic ended production in 1948.


Fig. 5 Green Vacumatic Debutante.





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