Montblanc 12 Black and Gold – 14k Extra Fine Nib

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The No. 12 is a high-end Monblanc pen – a pen deserving of the “1” as a first number, which was given only to the Meisterstuck/Masterpiece pens. It features a high grade precious resin body and thick gold filled trimmings. The cap ring is beautiful and unique, which is gold filled and gives the pen amazing look. Due to the center ring’s enormous width, it prevents cracks from appearing on the cap. Another ring is located on the turning knob, and, besides the aesthetics, it also doubles as crack protection to the turning knob. The pen is near perfectly balanced. The resin shines and is difficult to scratch. It makes it look as if the pen was made just recently rather than many decades ago.

This pen is in great condition with very minor chipping on the top of the barrel

Nib: 14k Extra Fine

Piston Filler


Closed 128.7 mm

Open 116.7 mm

Barrel 11.5 mm

Section 8.3 mm

Additional information

Weight 17 oz

Black and Gold


Filling System


Nib Material


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