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This pen is like new in box

Autumn is here with its color Feel Foglia and Feel Zucca

Feel Foglia is a tribute to autumn colors, to trees and leaves that go from darker tones to green to brighter tones of yellow and orange.

Feel Zucca is an explosion of the orange colors of pumpkins, with it’s lighter and darker nuances in the mother of pearl pattern.

With only 219 handcrafted pieces for each color, Zucca and Folglia are both enriched by light yellow gold trim.

FEEL Foglia – Yellow Gold

Feel the writing. Feel.

Fine, delicate and elegant in its simplicity, mother-of-pearl grey is the protagonist of the new Feel collection, which enhances its light and nuances.

A refined light-yellow gold trim gives light and emphasises the Feel Grigio Giorno shades. With only 219 handcrafted pieces, Grigio Giorno exalts the slender shape of the Feel and stands out marmoreal for a new pleasure of handwriting.

Once again, the nib is the main player of this writing instrument collection, available in 18-carat gold with Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad writing. The Feel Foglia and Zucca are also available with the special BBB and Stub nibs.

The 14-carat gold Flexible nib, available in EF, F, M and Broad sizes, is the SCRIBO cornerstone.

The perfect match for our historic nib is undoubtedly the ebonite feeder, which enhances the always ready, generous, soft and precise writing, thanks to the use of the classic piston filling system.

Feel Foglia and Zucca are also accompanied by a genuine handmade leather and cotton soft pouch created to protect two precious writing instruments. In the side pocket you will find a cloth to keep your fountain pen clean. A precious and modern packaging that allows you to take along your favorite writing instruments wherever you go.

Feel is an invitation to live with a unique writing experience of the highest quality; it is an incitement to seek one’s own writing style. Feel is a tribute to the aesthetics of handwriting and the pleasure of writing.

Feel the writing. Feel.

FEEL Foglia and Zucca
Product features:
– Dodecagonal shape
– Color: mother-of-pearl orange “Zucca” and colorful green “Foglia”
– Cap, barrel, knob and nib-holder handmade in natural resin
– Clip and metal components with light yellow gold finishing
– Length: 148 mm. – maximum diameter: 17 mm.
– Exclusive SCRIBO nib made in 18 carat gold or in Flexible 14 carat gold
Available sizes for 18 carat nib: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, BBB and 1,4 mm Stub
Available sizes for 14 carat Flex nib: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad
– Ebonite feeder ø 6,50 with 2 capillaries
– Loading capacity: 1,42 ml
– Collection packaging made in natural leather and cotton
– Limited production of 219 pieces per color

Don’t see the color or nib option you would like, please contact us [email protected] and let us know what you are looking for, we just might have it.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in


Yellow Gold


Nib Material


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