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Pinocchio is one of the world’s best-loved and recognizable of all children stories characters. Written during 1881 to 1882 by Carlo Collodi, ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’ was originally published in 1883. Collodi’s story was written as a morality tale, to teach children (mainly boys) some of the basic character and morality building lessons.

The Pinocchio fountain pen by Stipula, inspired by Collodi’s story, transfuses all the colors and images of the literary Pinocchio into a unique writing instrument.

The shape of the Pinocchio pen echoes the geometrical design of the wooden marionette which comes to life as a boy who acts, thinks and dreams like a real child.

The little cap on the top of the pen is styled on Pinocchio’s hat. The movable cone-shaped clip symbolizes his nose. The trim is in a matte finished, silvery, light alloy.

Condition – Like new never inked, comes with box and book (written in italian), the book cover has some dirt and red (ink?) on it, but is otherwise in very good condition

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