Visconti Breeze Blueberry – Extra Fine Steel Nib


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This is the Blueberry model of the Visconti Breeze, which comes in a vibrant blue

The pen is in excellent condition

Nib: #5 Extra Fine Steel


The shape of the Breeze is very similar to Visconti’s iconic torpedo design, used in pens such as the Rembrandt and original Van Gogh, but with a few notable differences. Visconti has added some unique new and improved features:

  • Pen band: The name of the pen is beautifully engraved on the band. For the first time, Visconti has added the band to the pen’s body giving a fresh new look.
  • Pen grip: The grip is made from vegetal resin, the same material as the pen itself. This offers a comfortable writing experience and additional aesthetic appeal with no interruption between the pen’s body and cap.
  • Magnetic closure: The security of the magnetic locking system has been further improved with guidance grooves, resulting in a cap that does not rotate or move once capped.
  • New steel nib: German made, smooth and precise to write with. The design has the perfect amount of width variation between nib sizes. Available in F, M and B.
  • New clip: Visconti has re-engineered its iconic pen clip, to give the same stylish look with improved functionality. This pen is cartridge/converter fill.



Closed 140.5 mm

Open 122.3 mm

Barrel 12.8 mm

Section 10.7 mm


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Weight 17 oz



Filling System


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